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  • Membership Update

    To ensure you receive all the benefits of TML membership, update your city’s contact information.

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  • TML’s Big Government Index: Status of Bills Attacking Local Control

    There will be no vote taken in the Texas Legislature on “local control.” But votes will be taken on dozens of bills that would chip away, issue by issue, at the ability of communities to solve their own problems in their own way. Each week, TML will update the status of these big government bills that would consolidate power at the state level and overrule local decision making.

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  • Legislative Alert: Detrimental State-Imposed Revenue Manadates

    Legislation (S.B. 156/S.J.R 14 and S.B. 182/H.B. 365) has already been filed to impose limitations on city property tax revenues.

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  • Texas Cities are Partners with the State

    Texas cities are partners with the state to keep Texas’ economy and quality of life vibrant. The simple one-page (two-sided) document allows city officials to communicate that message to legislators.

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  • Payday Lending Clearinghouse

    A handful of cities have adopted ordinances regulating “payday and title” lenders. If your city is considering doing so, visit the League’s Payday Lending Clearinghouse pages, which contain an example ordinance and details about all of the pending lawsuits against cities, as well as other useful information.

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  • Memorial Day is about honoring those who have selflessly given their lives for our great nation. To those we have lost and their loved ones, thank you. We are forever debited to your beautiful sacrifice.

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