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  • Senate Property Tax Reform and Relief Committee: Recommendations Based on Fundamentally-Flawed Premise

    Senator Paul Bettencourt (R- Houston) held a press conference to coincide with the release of the Senate Property Tax Reform Committee’s interim report. Not surprisingly, the senator’s statements and the recommendation to impose a revenue cap on cities is based on fundamentally flawed data comparisons that have been clearly refuted in previous editions of the Legislative Update.

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  • Federal Overtime Rules Put on Hold

    Two weeks ago, the Legislative Update prematurely reported that federal overtime rules had been halted by a federal court. Well, that actually did happen after all, shortly after the incorrect article was published. (The article was later deleted.)

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  • Membership Update

    To ensure you receive all the benefits of TML membership, update your city’s contact information.

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  • #ThrowbackThursday The City of Grapevine - 1922

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