Agenda and Meeting Management System

SuiteOne Media simplifies the entire meeting process by providing an easy-to-use and cost-effective agenda and meeting management solution for cities of all sizes. For more information or to watch videos about SuiteOne Media and its products, please visit  If you’re interested in an online demo of either system, please contact Doug Shumway at 312-637-9200x202 or

SuiteView for YouTube. Access to Meeting and Event Content. Anytime.
SuiteView is a complete video on-demand and live streaming platform designed specifically for board, committee, and council meetings. We've integrated our platform with YouTube, the world’s largest video platform.

Why Integrate with YouTube?
Integrating with YouTube reduces costs and allows SuiteOne Media to pass those savings directly to you. Even with those savings, you don't lose any functionality. We still provide a full-featured solution with everything you need—bookmarks, agendas, minutes, templates, etc. All of this at a price cities can afford.


SuiteAgenda. Complete Agenda and Meeting Minutes Automation.
SuiteAgenda offers a new approach to agenda and meeting management. No complicated software; no large up-front costs and endless training sessions. No more wondering whether the staff understands or can even use the system.

Agenda automation is not just about paperless copies, but improving the entire meeting process by saving time, reducing costs, and making everyone's job easier. SuiteAgenda makes this happen with the most budget-friendly pricing available.



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SuiteOne Media, Inc.
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