Gear Up! Texas Cities Work

Texas Cities Work is a public education program aimed at enhancing citizen awareness of the value of city services. Citizens frequently take many city services for granted and simply aren’t aware of the value of the service or what goes on behind the scenes to make city services available.

This program was developed for cities to use to educate and inform citizens on basic city services. The residents of Texas cities make up the target audience. 

The program has several components:

  • Radio Space Ads
    Texas Cities Work…on the air! Click on the radio spots below to hear these thought-provoking spots,which were customized for the City of Wharton. For a nominal fee, you can purchase any or all of the clips with your city’s name inserted at the end. Or, you can collaborate with more than one city in your area to co-sponsor a spot.To learn more about this opportunity, contact the TML Member Services Department at 512-231-7400 or
Also, the City of Paris has recorded a radio spot that airs locally and is based on the Texas Cities Work theme. Listen to it now by clicking on Radio Spot 1: City of Paris.
  • Graphic Materials
    Graphic materials available on the CD and from this website (downloadable high-resolution pdf and jpg zipped files)
    • Logo
      The Texas Cities Work logo is available four ways—there are two Adobe Illustrator vector files (one in spot color and one in cmyk) and two high resolution, grayscale and cmyk tif files.View...
    • Quarter-page and half-page ads
      Six ads, in both quarter-page(horizontal) and half-page (square) size, are available in both full color and grayscale. Each one depicts common scenes from city life while highlighting a particular city service (a goal in a neighborhood park, a tree-lined street, a policeman, a city dumpster,an employment advertisement for a mayor, and a police vest). The ads are in a high-resolution pdf format and are print ready, so they can be used as is in your local newspaper, city newsletter,a magazine, and so on. View...
    • Bill stuffers
      Three of the scenes from the ads—the goal, policeman, and street—are also available as 3½“ x8½” bill stuffers for you to enclose in utility bills or other city correspondence. Each bill stuffer is in a high-resolution,full-color pdf format and is print ready. When printed, the back of each bill stuffer will be blank, allowing your city to customize it, if desired. View...

If you have questions about the Texas Cities Work, contact the TML Member Services Department at 512-231-7400 or