TML Annual Conference and Exhibition RFP
Questions and Answers

Questions about any aspect of the conference RFP or the response process should be submitted to and answers will be posted on this page.  No individual answers will be provided; all answers will be posted online. 


In reviewing the RFP – Hotel Requirements section, it mentions specifically that in order to be considered, that the city must have a minimum of 1,500 first-class, full-service rooms, with three to four hotels located within walking distance (three blocks or less) of the Convention and Exhibition facility.  (Our city would have to utilize approximately 8 hotels to reach 1,500 and some would be limited service hotels located approximaly 7 blocks from the center).

In addition, it addresses that the remainder of the hotel block to be within the city limits and not to exceed 10 hotels or a driving distance of three miles from the convention center.  The room block should be fulfilled using as few hotels as possbile. (Our city would have to utlize over 18 -20 hotels and some of those would be up to 11 miles away from the center)

My question, do you still want a bid from us knowing that our city does not meet the overall requirement as outlined in the RFP?  Or, do we turn it down because we do not meet the room block commitment requirements outlined in the RFP?


The hotel criteria in the RFP are fairly strict, and in fact have been increased in recent years due to the growth of our conference and attendance.  In selecting our 2021 conference location, TML will review and score all of the proposals received against the hotel, convention and exhibition facility, and host city requirements to determine the best fit for our conference and city officials who attend.  The League welcomes all proposals from member cities that meet the majority of these requirements and provide a welcoming and comfortable venue for our members.