TML Membership Update


Thank you for taking the time to update your city’s membership information. Please verify all information and make necessary corrections, additions, or deletions. Your prompt response ensures that your city’s elected and appointed officials will receive information in a timely manner and will be included in our annual printed directory.

If you are waiting for runoff results or the selection of a mayor pro tem, you can submit the results of all positions as they are, and then notify us of later decisions when they occur at

A few things to consider before you start:
You will need your login and password to begin the update. If you don’t have that information, please contact

If the individual has a title change, please click on CHANGE to make the necessary changes.

When you add a new individual, it will ask for that individual’s login and password. You can use the person’s first initial/last name for the login and your own password.

If you try to add someone and get the message “A Similar Profile Already Exists,” then they are already in our database but are not attached to the city record. Contact us at or 512-231-7400 if this occurs.

Please do not enter a new individual into an existing record. Click on REMOVE to remove the individual who is no longer working for the city, and then click on INSERT to add the new individual.

Get started:
Update City and Individual Membership Information Online

Need assistance: 
Contact us at 512-231-7400 or