Staff Emails

Key Contacts

Bennett Sandlin
Executive Director

Chris Corrigan
Director of Communications and Programs
Conferences and Training, Texas Town & City Magazine

Joe Foster
Deputy Executive Director
Administrative Services

Scott Houston
Deputy Executive Director
Policy and General Counsel

Shanna Igo
Deputy Executive Director
Legislative Services

Rachael Pitts
Deputy Executive Director
Affliate Services, City and Private Sector Services, Membership 


Staff Listed by Department

Administrative Services
Dennis Arredondo, Print Shop Technician
Sharon Ball, Accounting Clerk  
Patty Jackson, IT Services Coordinator
Thomas Lype, Accountant 
Randy Overman, Network Services Coordinator


Affiliate Services
Lavern Gaines, Affiliate Services Coordinator
Lauren Grossman, Affiliate Services Coordinator
Kim Pendergraft, Affiliate Services Coordinator
Nicole Little, Affiliate Services Assistant


Communications and Programs
Lindy Jordaan, Graphic Design and Communication Specialist 
Lonne Parent-Smith, Conferences and Training Services Manager
Jacqueline Redin, Conferences and Training Services Manager
Cheryl Ribich, Conferences and Training Services Manager
Jen Stamps, Communications and Marketing Coordinator


Legal Services
Christy Drake-Adams, Assistant General Counsel
Heather Lockhart, Assistant General Counsel
Bill Longley, Legislative Counsel
Zindia Thomas, Assistant General Counsel
JJ Rocha, Policy Analyst
Heather Ford, Legal/Legislative Assistant


Legislative Services
Monty Wynn, Assistant Director of Legislative Services


Member Services
Gray Bulman, Assistant Director of Member Services
Julianna Campbell, Member Services Coordinator
Jennifer King, Member Services Coordinator
Barbara King, Receptionist