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  • Contacting Your Legislators Works: Keep it Up!

    In last week’s edition, the League reported on a list of critical action items for city officials. This week’s message: Keep up the good work. Not every city official cares equally about each issue below, but everyone should pick one or two that matter the most to your city and take action now!

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  • Capitol Crunch Time: Here’s How to Make a Difference for Your City

    It’s the time of legislative session when a number of important city issues hang in the balance. Below is list of critical action items that city officials should consider over the next few days. Not every city official cares equally about each issue. So pick one or two that matter most to your city and take action now!

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  • DON’T FORGET: Mandatory Local Debt Reporting

    House Bill 1378, passed during the 2015 legislative session, requires every city to annually report various figures related to the city’s amount of debt. A city can satisfy the reporting requirement in one of two ways: (1) compile the requisite debt information in a self-created report that is posted to the city’s website; or (2) complete the state comptroller’s online debt reporting form and either: (a) upload it to the comptroller’s website; or (b) post to the city’s website.

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  • Airbnb to Texas Cities: Nothing but Air

    Airbnb’s announcement that it will finally start complying with one part of state tax law failed to mention the company continues to ignore local tax payments to more than 500 Texas cities and its effort to pass a state law wiping out local regulations protecting neighborhoods.

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  • House and Senate Committee Hearings: The End of Annexation?

    Home rule cities that annex property should contact their legislators now in opposition to Senate Bill 715 (Campbell) and House Bills 299 (Larson), 424 (Huberty), and 2272 (Schofield). Each of the bills was heard in committee this week, one (S.B. 715) was voted out, but they all have one thing in common: they would end municipal annexation by requiring voters in an area to approve the annexation at an election.

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