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  • Governor Says His Voice Is the Only One That Matters

    Destroying city neighborhoods one step at a time requires too much effort. So Governor Greg Abbott wants one sweeping state law to ban city residents from having a say in protecting the health, safety, and property values in their communities. Gov. Abbott said last week: “I think a broad-based law by the state of Texas that says across the board, the state is going to preempt local regulations, is a superior approach."

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  • Tax Relief Bill Shortchanges the Elderly

    A bill passed by the Texas Senate imposing state restrictions on city revenues would give the smallest tax breaks, if any, to elderly and disabled homeowners.

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  • Statement of Bennett Sandlin on the Senate Finance Committee’s approval of Senate Bill 2

    “Ignoring the impassioned pleas of scores of police officers, sheriffs, fire fighters and emergency medical technicians from their districts, members of a Senate committee approved a bill that will put public safety at risk while providing no real property tax relief for Texans."

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  • Texas City Officials Take Bond Exemption Message to D.C.

    During the National League of Cities Conference earlier this week, city officials from the City of Conroe – along with TML staff – met with Congressman Kevin Brady (R – The Woodlands), who is the Chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means. They discussed the importance of preserving the tax exemption status on municipal bonds.

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  • New Members

    TML welcomes the cities of Aquilla and Cuney as its newest members.

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