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  • Five Days Left: Where We Stand

    With five days remaining, here’s where we stand on major city-related bills:

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  • Post Session Update: Small Cell Implementation

    Senate Bill 1004, passed during the regular session and effective September 1, requires a city to allow access for cellular antennae and related equipment (“small cell nodes”) in city rights-of-way, and it also entitles cell companies and others to place equipment on city light poles, traffic poles, street signs, and other poles. Negotiations during the legislative session led to concessions giving some city authority over placement.

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  • Annexation Reformers Ignore U.S. Military

    Legislation that would limit municipal annexation authority would negatively affect the Texas economy and the state’s ability to absorb so many new residents. League staff and city officials have long advocated that position to the legislature, and one component of it is particularly important.

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  • TML Response on Partisan Politics

    The following is a statement from Texas Municipal League President Mary Dennis, Mayor of the City of Live Oak, in response to comments about cities made by Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in a recent televised interview.

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