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  • New Members

    TML welcomes the cities of Brock and Smiley as its newest members.

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  • More Phony Numbers for Phony ‘Tax Relief’

    Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is claiming huge tax savings for homeowners from the Senate-passed version of S.B. 2, the so-called “Property Tax Relief Act of 2017.”. According to TheTexas Tribune, his estimate “is based on two unproven assumptions: That local taxes are growing 8 percent per year, the highest rate allowed before a rollback election can be called; and that if the law passes, they’ll rise 5 percent per year, the new maximum.”

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  • S.B. 1004 Is a $750 Million Taxpayer Rip-off

    Giant telecom companies are pressuring legislators to pass a bill allowing them to use public property at a fraction of the fair market fees they have negotiated with Texas cities. S.B. 1004, scheduled for debate in the Texas House of Representatives on Wednesday, would grant the companies an annual $750 million windfall at the expense of city taxpayers, according to estimates by the Texas Municipal League.

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  • Membership Update

    To ensure you receive all the benefits of TML membership, update your city’s contact information.

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  • How Not to Get Sued by the State

    As a service to TML member cities, the League has developed an informational clearinghouse on its website containing information about how to avoid getting sued by the state’s attorney general over issues relating to municipal government.

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