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Rate Chart

Texas Town & City advertising rates (gross rates, per insertion, full color. See rate details for discounted options.)

Advertising Option1 Time CostThree Times CostSix Times CostEleven Times Cost
Full Color

Full Page$1,375$1,340$1,300$1,175
2/3 Page$1,270$1,240$1,210$1,070
1/2 Page$1,205$1,175$1,150$995
1/3 Page$1,060$1,045$1,030$860
1/4 Page$1,015$1,000$985$815
Center Spread
Special positions. Only full-color accepted.
Inside Front or Back Cover
Special positions. Only full-color accepted.
Back Cover
Special positions. Only full-color accepted.


Two Page Advertorial$3,200N/AN/AN/A
Four Page Advertorial$5,875N/AN/AN/A
Black and White

1/4, 1/3, 1/2 page flat rate, per insertion$500

Rate Details

  • Texas Municipal League Associate Member discount: 5% on gross billing
  • Agency discount: 15% on gross billing

Texas Town & City Advertorial

Two and four page, full color advertisements in the style of editorial content are available for select issues. Designated as a “Special Advertising Section,” your Texas Town & City advertorial will be designed to match the publication’s look and feel and is an excellent way of sharing in-depth information with readers.

  • Two page, full color, advertorial $3,200
  • Four page, full color, advertorial $5,875

Advertorial content must be consistent with the goals and objectives of TML and requires review and approval by the Texas Town & City editor.