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Rate Chart

Texas Town & City advertising rates (gross rates, per insertion, full color. See rate details for discounted options.) Download the advertising contract (PDF).

Advertising Option1 time, per ad3 times, per ad6 times, per ad11 times, per ad
Full Page$2,125$1,625$1,425$1,225
1/2 Page$1,825$1,425$1,225$1,025
1/3 Page
1/4 Page

Premium Position1 time, per ad3 times, per ad6 times, per ad11 times, per ad
Inside Front Cover
Inside Back Cover
Back Cover
Center Spread$3,200

Special Options1 time, per ad

Two Page Advertorial$3,600

Four Page Advertorial$6,200

Texas Town & City Advertorial

Two and four page, full color advertisements in the style of editorial content are available for select issues. Designated as a “Special Advertising Section,” your Texas Town & City advertorial will be designed to match the publication’s look and feel and is an excellent way of sharing in-depth information with readers.

  • Two page, full color, advertorial $3,600
  • Four page, full color, advertorial $6,200

Advertorial content must be consistent with the goals and objectives of TML and requires review and approval by the Texas Town & City editor.

Rate Details

  • Texas Municipal League Associate Member discount: 5% on gross billing
  • Agency discount: 15% on gross billing



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