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TCMA Professional Development Materials

Our Town, Texas, 3rd Edition

A curriculum of 6th-8th grade level classroom activities about local government, created by the Texas City Management Association, in cooperation with the Texas Education Agency and middle school teachers from around the state. Each CD includes everything needed to teach 17 stand-alone lessons: a teacher's guide, lesson plans, student instructions, and handout materials. This curriculum is free for teachers and to individuals who will actively promote teaching about city government in their communities. The complete curriculum is available here.  

City Government That Works: The History of Council-Manager Government in Texas

The Texas City Management Association (TCMA) and its Foundation are pleased to present this updated edition chronicling the history of the council-manager plan of local government in Texas. The first edition, —written ten years earlier by Terrell Blodgett, TCMA Distinguished member, —has provided an additional chapter on the history of the council-manager government in the City of El Paso. Additional updates include Appendix A and B, along with a more detailed index.

Handbook for City Administrators in Smaller Texas Cities

The 4th edition of the Handbook for City Administrators in Smaller Texas Cities is a reference guide for those involved in city governments. For individuals who wish to further develop their understanding of local government issues, the Handbook provides a basic description of the workings of different city functions. Each chapter outlines an area of local government activity and provides valuable insight into the specific duties and responsibilities of the various city departments.


Guidelines for Recruiting a City Manager

This succinct text outlines the essential steps city officials follow in order to fill the vital city management post. 

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Analyzing Your City: An Orientation Plan for New City Managers (Revised)

(Including "The First One Hundred Steps for a New City Manager")

Author: James Thurmond, with a special section by Davis Brinson

An indispensable tool for the novice city manager and an essential refresher for the city manager who is relocating. This book is newly revised. 

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TCMA Business Card Holder

This quality leather business card holder is embossed with the TCMA logo and available to members. 

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