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Houston-Crown Pipeline, LLC

Item Available:
Black resin -D2513 RW HDPE poly pipe.
Approx. 50,000 ft.
14 inch diameter.
Suited for water transportation application.
Pricing-to be negotiated.

Russell Bourquein
5847 San Felipe St. Suite 3700
Houston, Texas 77057
(713) 582-9020
Posted: 2/26/19


Item Available: $1,800 Motorola MTR 2000 and Raytheon 3PS Communication and Argus Switched Mode Battery Charger and Rack. Picture Available of Rack with units attached - email for pictures.

Motorola MTR 2000 VHF 110 Watts 150-174Mhz with Pre-selector
Motorola MTR 2000VHF Repeater - 110 watt repeater with a band split of 150-174Mhz. These units are capable of both wide band and narrow band operation. Lightweight 40 pounds

Raytheon 3PS Communication Unit - no description available

ARGUS Switched Mode Battery Charger 01-523-B2 - Power 250 Watts Continuous
The Argus Battery Reverting Charger must be used with a load that has its own internal power supply. The charger is not intended to power the load directly. A complete system consists of the Argus Battery Reverting Charger, batteries, load with power supply, and an AC source. The system provides a separate charging source and automatic-revert to a battery bank in the event of an AC power interruption. The Argus Battery Reverting Charger system interfaces with the load’s normal supply source (or the standard power supply). The internal supply will supply the load under normal conditions. In the event that the AC source has failed, the charger initiates a transfer process whereby the battery is connected to supply the load.

Contact: Cherise De Los Santos
401 S Rogers Street
Waxahachie, TX 75052
Email Cherise De Los Santos
Posted: 1/7/19

Brownwood Fire Department

Item Available: 2006 Spartan Rescue Truck
This rescue truck has 100,000 miles and needs a motor and transmission work. The apparatus has a slide in fire pump and 300 gallons of water. For questions and request pictures please email us.
Posted: 10/17/18

DeSoto Police Department

Item Available: Two Victory, Commander 1, Police Motorcycles

Two 2014 Victory, Commander 1, Police Package Motorcycles purchased new in 2014. One has 3,516 miles, the other has 4,673 miles. They each have Victory Police Package lighting and siren, an L3 Mobile Vision camera system and a Stalker dual antenna radar system. Our police radio will be removed. They each have connections for a helmet speaker and microphone and an AR-15 mount in the saddle bags. The Police Department paid $34,000 each and is asking $15,000 each.

Contact: Dwayne Lyons
DeSoto Police Department
Phone: 469-658-3033
Email Dwayne Lyons.
Posted: 9/6/18


Item Available: Wood Chipper
2013 Wallenstein Brush/Limb Chipper. Was purchased by the City in 2013, and never used. Can handle limbs up to 6 inches in diameter. Purchase price was $10,000, The City is asking $6,500.

Contact: Kurt Jones
P.O. Box 176
Darrouzett, TX 79024
Phone: 806-624-2441
Email the city manager
Posted: 8/13/18