2023 Texas Municipal Excellence Award Winners

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Under 25,000 Population Categories


(City Spirit)

First Friday is a monthly event created by the City of Garden Ridge to encourage informal communication between the city council and its residents. This low-cost program is held in the park and offers an evening of community-building with fun themes. First Friday has also created the opportunity for schools, local organizations, and others to become more involved with the City.


(Communication Programs)

The City of Borger created the “Make a Saturday Out of It” guides to promote and increase interest in Borger events and businesses. These weekly Facebook “how-to” guides offer suggestions on things to do, places to go, and people to see. This free communication approach has helped re-engage residents and provide needed support for local businesses.


(Management Innovations)

Faced with population loss in Cass County, the City of Linden helped create a regional economic development consortium. The partnership is made up of four cities with economic development corporations and the county judge, and it discusses ways to collaborate on projects. So far, the consortium has preserved thirty jobs and five million dollars of investment in the county.


(Public Safety)

Led by the Angleton Police Department, the Public Safety Ministry Alliance provides training and updates on community safety and security. The Alliance consists of area churches, schools, local non-profits, businesses, and city officials who meet every other month to discuss ongoing events. The network shares this information with its respective memberships, which has led to a more informed and prepared community.  

BOERNEBoerne sqaure logo

(Public Works)

The City of Boerne worked with the Cibolo Center for Conservation and research universities to create the Boerne Water Dashboard. This tool combines all publicly available water information and displays it online to inform the public with near real-time local and regional water-related data. The Water Dashboard is the first city-level tool of its kind in the country

Over 25,000 Population Categories


(City Spirit)

The City created a zoning case alert tool and response map to modernize its community engagement efforts. The alert tool allows citizens to sign up for emails about new zoning projects in the City, and the response map lets them view the location of the projects and give comments in support, opposition, or neutrality.


(Communication Programs)

The City of Tyler implemented a city-wide editorial process that encapsulates all departments' marketing campaigns and ties spending to concrete deliverables. The communication team meets with each department annually to identify marketing goals and develops a comprehensive plan. Not only has the City’s content increased by 72 percent, but the frequency of crises has decreased as well.


(Management Innovations)

The City introduced an apprenticeship program for new solid waste department employees that pays for Class B Commercial Driver License training and certification while they are employed full-time. This program aims to bolster the solid waste management sector by offering an accessible pathway to a career while simultaneously addressing the need for qualified drivers.  


(Public Safety)

The Schertz EMS launched the Yellow Dot Program to help those who may not be able to communicate their needs when involved in a traffic incident. By placing a yellow dot decal in the vehicle’s rear window, first responders are alerted to check the glove compartment for information to ensure proper medical attention is given.

Round RockRoundRock

(Public Works)

The City incorporated a Styrofoam densifier at its recycling center to address the challenges of recycling Styrofoam waste. The densifier allows residents to bring their Styrofoam to the recycling center where it is compacted and repurposed. This process enables efficient storage and transportation of the waste, saving on landfill space and disposal costs.