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  • Building Damage Assessments - The Building Officials Association of Texas (BOAT) has always supported proactive disaster and hazard mitigation all across Texas, and the members of its Disaster Response Team are ready to respond to any size disaster to assist in building damage assessment as well as recovery support following the assessments. If your city needs assistance, please contact Lauren Grossman by phone at 512-231-7450 or by email.
  • City Attorneys Responding in an Emergency - The Texas City Attorneys Association offers a City Attorneys Responding in an Emergency (CARE) Unit to help local city attorneys respond to a catastrophic event by providing critical legal assistance to facilitate recovery. The CARE unit has highly qualified volunteer attorneys, who are knowledgeable in municipal law and disaster issues, ready to assist local counsel in properly advising city officials on recovery efforts.

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  • Institute for Building Technology and Safety OnHand - The OnHand website provides building technology advice before, during, and after a disaster.
  • LeadersLink: Disaster Recovery Guidance for Mayors by Mayors - LeadersLink is a nonprofit that partners elected officials with mentors after a disaster. The mentors are peers who have already led their communities through similar crises in the past. The organization’s website includes links to free disaster-related goods and services as well as a question and answer section that can be used for brainstorming with other city officials.