TML Training Scholarships for Small Cities

The Texas Municipal League (TML) Small Cities Advisory Council has set up a workshop tuition scholarship program for small cities. For selected training, TML will award up to three scholarships. For the TML Annual Conference and Exhibition, up to five scholarships will be awarded. Each scholarship recipient receives a complimentary registration and reimbursement up to $100 in travel-related expenses. 


To be eligible to participate, you must be a city official in a TML member city with less than 15,000 in population. A city official cannot be awarded more than one tuition scholarship per calendar year. Scholarships are non-transferable.


To apply, fill out the online application form.


Scholarship winners will be randomly selected and notified in advance of the workshop to allow for adequate travel and registration planning. If the winner pays the workshop registration fee before the scholarship is awarded, the registration fee will be refunded.