Legal Update

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Affiliate Guidelines

The Texas Municipal League (TML) Board of Directors approved this set of criteria and related guidelines to assist both current and prospective affiliated organizations in determining how best each can become more effective partners with the League in bringing about improved city government in Texas. Adherence to all affiliate conditions, criteria, and guidelines (except the conditions related to legislative activities) is voluntary.

  1. General  Conditions (Voluntary)
  2. Legislative Activities (Mandatory)
  3. Sponsorship Activities (Mandatory)
  4. Criterion I (Voluntary)
  5. Criterion II (Voluntary)
  6. Criterion III (Voluntary)
  7. Criterion IV (Voluntary)
  8. Criterion V (Voluntary)
  9. Criterion VI (Voluntary)
  10. Criterion VII (Voluntary)

General, Voluntary Conditions

  • An affiliated organization in the League would be limited to groups representing professional associations as opposed to cities, special districts, consultants, and others.
  • An affiliated organization would be statewide in nature to avoid servicing regional groups that may from time to time form around particular regional issues.
  • An affiliated organization would agree to promote the overall purposes and goals established in the TML Constitution.
  • An affiliated organization would have a budget and financial structure capable of supporting its envisioned activities.
  • An affiliated organization would consist of members representing a reasonable percentage of the organization's membership market to ensure a minimum level of support for requested services.
  • An affiliated organization would be approved by the TML Board and such affiliated status continued until terminated by the affiliate or the TML Board.
  • An affiliated organization would serve as an ancillary advisory body complementing TML’s overall services plan.
  • An affiliated organization would recognize that a specific program, activity, or service it designs or initiates for use by its respective members, but which may have potential value for use by other TML members, should be made available to TML on a cooperative, non-profit basis.
  • An affiliated organization would agree that it should coordinate current and proposed services with TML.
  • An affiliated organization would identify, on its stationery and other communications, that it is affiliated with the Texas Municipal League; use of the TML logo and name would require prior TML Board approval (See condition Number 5 under Legislative Activities on this page.)
  • An affiliated organization would agree to have a constitution and bylaws.
  • An affiliated organization would agree to have an annual financial statement, preferably by an outside auditor, which is shared with the affiliate’s governing body, the affiliate’s membership, and the TML staff.
  • An affiliated organization would agree to encourage high professional ethical standards among its membership.