Award Winners

2022 Award Recipients

Recipients are listed in the position they held at the time of recognition.

  1. Certified Municipal Official
  2. Certificate of Outstanding Acc
  3. Certificate of Achievement
  4. Certificate of Recognition
  5. Award of Excellence
  6. Award of Leadership

Certified Municipal Official

72 Continuing Education Units with 2 hours of open government training

Stephanie Boardingham, Mayor, City of Forest Hill
Kay Brown-Patrick, Councilmember, City of DeSoto
Mitchell Cheatham, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem, City of Lancaster
Ed Cimics, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Live Oak
Marilyn Clay, Councilmember, City of Cleveland
Sonja Coleman, Councilmember, City of Forest Hill
Mary M. Dennis, Mayor, City of Live Oak
Jesse Falcon, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Odem
Beverly Gaines, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Webster
Virginia Garza, Mayor, City of Odem 
Betty Gooden-Davis, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Lancaster
Carrie F. Gordon, Mayor, City of Balch Springs
Ralph Gutierrez, Mayor, City of Schertz
Clyde C. Hairston, Mayor, City of Lancaster
Beckie Duncan Hayes, Councilmember, City of Forest Hill
Allison Heyward, Councilmember, City of Schertz
Joel W. Hicks, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Cibolo
David Hill, Mayor, City of Waxahachie
Kathleen Jackson, Councilmember, City of Rockport
Stanley M. Jaglowski, Councilmember, City of Lancaster
Cheryl Lee, Councilmember, City of Bastrop
Curt Maddux, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Conroe
Sheila Petta, Mayor, City of Wilmer
Leonard Reed, Mayor, City of Willis
David Rutledge, Mayor, City of Bridge City
Connie Schroeder, Mayor, City of Bastrop
Cathy Skurow, Mayor, City of Portland
Carol Strain-Burk, Councilmember, City of Lancaster
Pamela Wash, Councilmember, City of Wilmer
Keithsha C. Wheaton, Councilmember, City of Lancaster
Todd Yancey, Councilmember, City of Conroe