Posting Guidelines

Guidelines for Posting Events on the Website

TML maintains a Training calendar for events that TML staff coordinate – TML training and TML affiliate training that TML staff coordinate. 

For events that TML staff doesn’t coordinate, TML has a calendar on its website titled Other Training (not hosted by TML). Below are the posting guidelines for the Other Training (not hosted by TML) calendar:

1. Events posted should be educational and applicable to a city official's day-to-day city job function.

2. There will be a case-by-case review of requests. Final authorization is provided by either the TML Executive Director or one of the Deputy Executive Directors. Permitted outside requests include:

o    A government or association event that does not conflict with a TML-sponsored event on a similar topic or for a similar audience within 60 days of TML's event.

o    Affiliate events that are not TML-sponsored. 

The Texas Municipal League reserves the right to deny any posting requests.