The Texas Municipal League (TML) has been around since 1913 to help city leaders meet the ever-changing challenges of governance. Guided by our purpose statement - Empowering Texas cities to serve their citizens - the League exists to provide legal, legislative, and training services to city governments in Texas.


Membership in the League is voluntary and is open to any city in Texas. From the original 14 members, TML’s membership has grown to 1,175 cities.

PopulationNumber of Member Cities
Under 5,000807 (69%)
5,000 to 9,999128 (11%)
10,000 to 24,999118 (10%)
25,000 to 49,99953 (5%)
50,000 to 99,99928 (2%)
100,000 and Over41 (3%)


More than 16,000 mayors, councilmembers, city managers, city attorneys, and city department heads are member officials of the League by virtue of their cities’ participation. To search the member database, visit the TML Texas City Officials Directory.

City Membership

Membership in the League is voluntary and open to any city in Texas. Membership fees are based on the population of the city.

Member Benefits

  • Advocacy. The League vigorously coordinates and advocates for a legislative program set by our member cities at the state and federal level.
  • Legal Support. City officials have to know a lot, and we’re here to help. TML has attorneys on staff to answer general legal questions about municipal law, and monitor federal and state laws and regulations, as well as city-related developments in the courts.
  • Training. From our annual conference to workshops on municipal hot-topics to webinars, the League offers training events to help you better serve your citizens and community.
  • Resources and Experts. Whether it’s connecting you to our library of information, publications, an expert in the field, a private-sector service, revenue sources, example policies/ordinances, or national and state programs, we’ve got access to the people and resources to help you seize an opportunity or creatively solve a problem.
  • Free Advertising on the TML Career Center. Use the TML Career Center to get you connected to your next great employee.

A full description of TML services can be found in our membership brochure (PDF). If your city would like information on joining the League, please complete our TML City Membership Form or contact Rachael Pitts at 512-231-7472 or email Rachael Pitts.

Associate (Business and Corporate) Membership

The League has over 400 associate members from private sector companies, organizations, and individuals striving to provide quality services and products to municipal governments in Texas. For a list of current members, visit the Buyer’s Guide. For information on joining the Texas Municipal League as an associate member, please visit Associate Membership.