City Officials Directory



The Texas Municipal League (TML) provides this online directory of cities as a means of enhancing communication among and with our members. TML's City Officials Directory is searchable by city or official's name, region, population, title, and more.

A live URL of the city's website is provided when known.

TML's online directory currently includes all of the elected and appointed officials TML has in its database for each member city. 

The affiliate directories in the drop-down menu are password protected and only available to members of these affiliates.

Using Your TML Directory

Clicking on the underlined name of a city will bring up a screen that gives detailed information about that city.

You may leave the first name or last name field blank to search on an individual's name; however, if you want to further narrow your search by using a wildcard, use % instead of an asterisk. For example, you might type in “John” as a first name and “Sm %” as the last name to get a list of all the John Sm…s in the directory.

To select/highlight several items in a row on one of the lists, click and hold down your mouse or hold down the shift key and click at the beginning and end of your selection.

To highlight multiple selections that are not contiguous, hold down your control key and click on each item.

Mac users please use your command features.


You may print the results of your search; however, the database itself is not downloadable. If this directory does not give the selections or information you require, you may wish to email TML to explore purchasing options.

Additional Information

If you have questions about this directory or its use, please email the TML's Information Technology Department.