January 17, 2020, Number 3

Download the full .pdf version here: TML Legislative Update 3

Opioid Class Action Litigation Update

As reported last year in the Legislative Update, complex litigation related to the opioid crisis is moving forward. The judge in the very complex, multi-party and multi-district litigation recently took action to certify every local government in the United States as a class member in the litigation. No Texas city opted out of the class.

The court has set up a website with additional information, including a map showing the possible allocation of settlement funds, assuming a hypothetical settlement of $1 billion is reached. The map page allows a user to enter the Texas county in which they live. The site then shows the breakdown of how much each city could expect to receive under the hypothetical settlement amount.

The Texas attorney general has filed litigation on behalf of the state in state court, but no Texas city has filed any individual litigation so far as League staff is aware.

Texas House Committee on Mass Violence Prevention

The Texas House Committee on Mass Violence Prevention and Community Safety met in El Paso last week. The committee is tasked to “evaluate options for strengthening enforcement measures for current laws that prevent the transfer of firearms to felons and other persons prohibited by current law from possessing firearms.” An archived video of the hearing is available.

Texas General Land Office: Resiliency Grant Applications Opening Soon

The Texas General Land Office is the state’s clearinghouse for both state and federal disaster assistance. The GLO has developed numerous mitigation grant programs to assist local governments. The application process should open this summer. Visit https://recovery.texas.gov/local-government/index.html for more information.

Reminder: Comment Period Open for Sales Tax Rule Changes

As previously reported in the Legislative Update, the comptroller’s office has published rule changes that alter the way certain internet orders are treated for purposes of sourcing local sales and use taxes.

City officials are encouraged to review the rule changes and, if interested, submit comments within the three weeks remaining to do so.

Please contact Bill Longley, TML Legislative Counsel, with questions at bill@tml.org or 512-231-7400.


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