About the Texas Municipal League

Empowering Texas cities to serve their citizens.

The Texas Municipal League exists solely to provide services to Texas cities. The purpose of the League--Empowering Texas cities to serve their citizens. Since its formation in 1913, the League'Â’s mission has remained the same: to serve the needs and advocate the interests of its members.

Membership in the League is voluntary and is open to any city in Texas. From the original 14 members, TML's membership has grown to 1,156 cities.

PopulationNumber of Member Cities
Under 5,000796 (68.8%)
5,000 - 9,999132 (11.4)
10,000 - 24,999114 (9.9%)
25,000 - 49,99949 (4.2%)
50,000 - 99,99928 (2.4%)
100,000 and Over37 (3.2%)


Over 16,000 mayors, councilmembers, city managers, city attorneys, and city department heads are member officials of the League by virtue of their cities' participation. To search the member database, visit the TML Texas City Officials Directory.

City Membership

Membership in the League is voluntary and open to any city in Texas. Membership fees are based on the population of the city.

Member Benefits 

  • Legal guidance and information on municipal legal matters
  • Representation for your city on municipal legislative issues at the state and federal levels
  • Onsite and online training that covers a variety of city-related topics
  • Key publications, such as the Texas Town & City magazine, the Handbook for Mayors and Councilmembers, How Cities Work, Texas City Officials Directory, and A Guide to Becoming a City Official
  • Networking and problem-solving opportunities
  • Free advertising on the TML Career Center

A full description of TML services can be found in our membership brochure.  If your city would like information on joining the League, please complete our TML City Membership Form or contact Rachael Pitts at 512-231-7472 or rpitts@tml.org.

Associate (Business and Corporate) Membership

The League has over 400 associate members from private sector companies, organizations, and individuals striving to provide quality services and products to municipal governments in Texas. For a list of current members, visit the Buyer's Guide. For information on joining the Texas Municipal League as an associate member, please visit Associate Membership.