Affiliate Services

Membership Services

  1. Coordinate the development, enhancement or distribution of membership related materials including:
    • Newsletters
    • Directories
    • Handbooks or manuals
    • Special reports or surveys
  2. Coordinate the development or enhancement of regional meetings or conferences


Educational Services

  1. Coordinate development of content
  2. Determine format
  3. Write brochures and other promotional literature
  4. Coordinate preparation of educational materials
  5. Develop/coordinate certification program
  6. Manage educational programs including:
    • Develop/monitor budget
    • Select site
    • Recruit speakers
    • Arrange promotional mailings
    • Handle meeting logistics including food and beverage, audio/visual, and registration activities
    • Conduct evaluation
    • Arrange certificates of achievement


Board and Committee Liaison

  1. Coordinate agenda
  2. Prepare meeting minutes
  3. Provide logistical support at meetings
  4. Conduct strategic planning and orientation sessions



  1. Generate mailing lists or labels
  2. Access to high-speed, letter-quality printers for personalizing mass mailings
  3. Access to software programming for survey-related projects and accompanying analysis
  4. Coordinate website design
  5. Arrange for website host
  6. Arrange for Internet service provider
  7. Arrange for content of website
  8. Online directories, newsletters, and/or surveys


Information and Research

  1. Serve as a clearinghouse for data on the profession to support members' inquiries


Financial Management

  1. Provide the appropriate Affiliate officers with a monthly financial statement
  2. Assist with the development of the annual budget and services plan
  3. Arrange for an annual review of Affiliate financial transactions
  4. Manage Affiliate funds to ensure timely and accurate receipt of revenues, payment of expenses, and maximum investment earnings
  5. Assist in the preparation and filing of Affiliate tax returns



  1. Maintain and monitor inventory of envelopes, letterhead, specialty items such as lapel pins, membership cards, etc.