Affiliate Values

The Texas Municipal League is an organization that cares about all of its affiliates and desires to promote an environment which nurtures and encourages excellence among its affiliates.

The quality of such an environment depends upon a harmonious and progressive partnership among TML and its affiliates.

As such, TML agrees upon the following as its organizational values regarding affiliated organizations:

  • Assist cooperatively in the research, development, and influencing of important statewide affiliates issues.
  • Foster a caring attitude in the development and delivery of affiliates services and programs.
  • Focus on coordinating affiliates programs in a manner which create an awareness among them of the importance each professional discipline contributes to overall good government.
  • Improve continually upon the organizational relationships involved while aiming always at a trusting and enthusiastic partnership.
  • Listen intently to the concerns of affiliates, while giving maximum autonomy for each to be responsible for their organization's.
  • Insure members an avenue for positively contributing to the advancement of quality local government through their professional organization.
  • Appreciate the reservoir of talent and ideas which affiliates represent and work towards nurturing their creativity in developing meaningful programs.
  • Tailor all structures, systems, and procedures to be as simple as possible to expedite the work of affiliated organizations.
  • Emphasize fairness and equity of treatment and opportunity to all members of affiliated organizations.
  • Strive to help enhance the competence and credibility of all members of affiliated organizations.