Affiliate Meeting

Affiliate Meeting – January 16, 2012

On Monday, January 16, TMLExecutive Director Bennett Sandlin held a meeting with board members and staffof our affiliate organizations to discuss changes to the way affiliate servicesare provided at TML.  For those unable toattend the meeting in person or by conference call, or who would like to listento portions of it again, an audio recording of the meeting is availablebelow.  Also included on this page areall of the handouts from the meeting.  Ifyou have questions about the meeting or about the new Affiliate ServicesDepartment, please contact Bennett Sandlin or Lauren Crawford, Director ofAffiliate Services, at (512) 231-7400.

Listen to the Affiliate Meeting (audio only - 35 minutes)

Agenda (pdf)

Affiliate List w Svc Agreement Status (pdf)

Affiliate Services Agreement - EXAMPLE (pdf)

Affiliate Services staff biographies (pdf)

Committee of the Future (pdf)

TML Organizational Chart (on 5/27/11)(pdf)

TML Organizational Chart (as of 1/1/12)(pdf)