Texas Municipal League Municipal Excellence Award Winners for 2001

(Under 25,000 population)

Communications - City of Boerne

The cities of Boerne, Fredericksburg, and Kerrville, in cooperation with the Lower Colorado River Authority, Verizon Communications, and Cerulean Inc., established a shared Mobile Data Computer Network designed to link each law enforcement agency with the Texas Department of Public Safety drivers license records, vehicle registration files, and the wanted persons computer database. Their combined efforts have saved the three cities approximately $40,000.But more than saving money, the cities have created a unique relationship to the benefit and safety of all of their citizens.

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Management Innovations - City of Benbrook

The Benbrook Community Center and YMCA is the result of a five-year effort between the City of Benbrook, state and federal agencies, and a nonprofit organization. The innovative collaboration was achieved through the diligent work of citizen committees, voter approval of a bond issue, state grant funding, approval from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the use of federal land, and a unique management agreement with the YMCA. The result is a 32,000-square-foot facility offering quality recreation programs to the citizens of Benbrook. The project is a sterling example of what can be accomplished when multiple governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, and citizens work together for a common goal.

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Public Safety - City of Tomball

A busy corner in the heart of downtown Tomball had become the unofficial day labor site.A growing number of individuals soliciting work created traffic, parking, and trash problems.In response, the city worked with area businesses to create a Day Labor Site to the benefit of workers and business owners. In addition to providing workers and business owners a central location to meet their needs, the day labor site provides workers with a sense of ownership. The benefits to both the city and the laborers are numerous - laborers are responsible for keeping the site clean, and appropriate use of the site assures the workers that they are not in violation of any city ordinances or state laws. The city will partner with Tomball College to offer English as a Second Language to the workers, and the laborers are educated on minimum wage requirements.

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City Spirit - Village of Tiki Island and the City of Granbury

The Tiki Island Wetlands Park was designed and built by Tiki Island citizens in order to provide a safe playground for young children, recreational activities for adults, a pavilion for community gatherings, an observation and bird watching area, and to save and improve wetlands adjacent to the park area. Through the tireless efforts of two volunteers, over $100,000 in funds and equipment was raised to make this dream a reality and achieve a goal in creating community unity and citizen participation.The end result is a safe park that preserves and protects the native wetlands and provides a common area for the citizens of Tiki Island to unite.

The Granbury Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, a department of the City of Granbury, has been working cooperatively with partners throughout the community to promote cultural heritage tourism. Tourism is Granbury’s number one industry. City leaders recognized the economic benefit of heritage tourism and made a commitment to dedicate a portion of the city’s general fund money to promote tourism.Tourism is a dynamic, growing industry in Granbury, bringing economic development through business, jobs, and tax receipts.More than 530 people work in the travel and hospitality industry locally, earning a payroll of $6.3 million.

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Public Works - City of Madisonville

Lake Madison Park was in need of renovation and expansion to improve the recreation opportunities for Madisonville citizens and visitors. A citizen committee developed a master plan to include a tri-place softball facility with a new restroom and concession facilities, new baseball fields, renovation of two T ball fields, new roads and parking, a fishing pier, a bridge across a tributary to the lake, nature trails, and three playground areas. Entergy worked with the city to relocate underground power lines in the park.An existing community center and fishing pier were renovated, and landscaping was added. The project has provided Madisonville citizens and visitors an exceptional recreational facility for years to come.

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Additional Information

Additional information on the TML Municipal Excellence Awards Program can be obtained by calling Karla Vining at the TML offices, (512) 231-7400.

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