MuniServices, LLC

Sales Tax Analysis and Reporting Service (STARS)

STARS, a service offered by MuniServices, LLC, is an effective approach for monitoring sales tax revenue and gives a clear forecast of future sales tax revenue streams. STARS will provide the city with a means to prepare more detailed and accurate economic and budgeting forecasts and can be used to further assist the city with economic development planning. MuniServices' STARS program includes:

  • Graphical presentation of a city’'s sales tax business demographics
  • Rolling benchmark year and quarterly comparisons of businesses generating sales tax
  • Rolling benchmark year sales tax revenue forecast
  • Quarterly report in paper and electronic form, including customizable Excel data tables

For more information on these services, visit to explore a program tailored to your city'’s needs.


Lisa Broussard
MuniServices, LLC

Rachael Pitts
Member Services Department
Texas Municipal League