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  • Albany: 2009 Freighliner, 2000 1-Ton Chevy Truck, additional equipment
  • Balcones Heights: Harris Mobile in Car Radios VHF/UHF
  • Waterwood MUD #1: Various instruments, analyzers, pumps, etc
  • Colleyville: 2013 Chevy Tahoe
  • Winters: Digital-Ally DMV-800 NEW, IN BOX
  • Blanco: 2 2012 Taurus Interceptors
  • Hamlin: Airport Property
  • Willow Park: 2014 Caterpillar Milling Machine
  • Willow Park: 2015 Skid Mounted Asphalt Reclaimer
  • Willow Park: 2015 infrared Asphalt Heater
  • Livingston: 1987 Ranger Pemfab Walk-In Fire Rescue Truck
  • Woodsboro: Watchguard 4RE IN CAR CAMERA - Updated

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