TML Career Center

Tips for Employers and Job Seekers


  • Download the word document to help create an account and post your job.
  • When posting an ad, in the Location area, a small city should indicate larger cities nearby or county (i.e., for the City of Leon Valley, include Leon Valley, San Antonio, Bexar).
  • If you post an ad using the Online Application process, the applications will be stored in the Job Application section. You will also get an email letting you know an online application has been submitted. These are Career Center-based Online Applications and not city-based Online Applications.
  • Once your job has been posted, you can edit as needed, see how many times it has been viewed, or even close the job.
  • Always view your job after you have posted it. View the job from the perspective of a Job Seeker. You might want to create a Job Seeker account to test how easy (or difficult) it is to apply for your job.
  • TML is not responsible for misspellings or wording, so please check your submissions carefully.

Job Seekers

  • You will need to click on the Apply Now button to apply for a job opening which may require an account with the Career Center.
  • After you create your account, create a profile that includes your text-based resume.
  • Always double-check your work and your email.
  • Please do not include www. as part of your email as this will make your email invalid and may result in the removal of your account.

Why is the TML Career Center so successful?
The TML Career Center benefits both employers and job seekers with easy navigation, instant access to job postings, and complete and timely information. The TML Career Center is the number one destination on the TML website. Frequently, the TML Career Center produces better results than local newspapers for both employers and job seekers.
Number of visits average around 150,000 a month as well as 1200 active jobs per day.

As an employer, what are the benefits?
Job openings are posted immediately, and each employer has the ability to track each job posting. Once your job has been posted, you can make edits as needed, see how many times it has been viewed, or even close the job. Past job openings are archived, so they can be reused if you need to repost a position. Also, several Internet job search engines will list your jobs enabling those seeking employment to locate the position you are advertising more quickly.

As a job seeker, what are the benefits?
The TML Career Center allows you to create a profile that can include multiple resumes, which you are then able to submit electronically. When searching for a job, you can identify the location where you would like to work, select from numerous job categories, and input keywords to specify the type of opportunity you are seeking. You also have the option to browse all jobs and/or browse jobs by a particular employer.

Who can submit a TML Career Center job opportunity?
Any TML member city may post a job opportunity at no charge. Private sector companies may post job opportunities at a cost of $150 for a 30-day posting.

TML reserves the right to screen all submissions and deny any considered inappropriate.

What if I want to make changes or cancel a Career Center job opportunity?
You have direct access to your posting. You will need to log in and and go to My Jobs. To make changes, click on Action/Edit. To cancel, click on Stop (this allows the job to be available for future postings).

Do you have any suggestions before I place my job opportunity?

  • Double check your job opportunity for accuracy and spelling. 
  • After your job opportunity has been posted, view it online and click on the links to verify they work correctly.
  • DO NOT USE ALL CAPS. This is the internet version of SHOUTING and generally does not look professional.

What about Items for Sale? Can they be submitted as well?
Items for Sale will have their own Classifieds link and are submitted through the Sales Submission Form.

If I have additional questions, what should I do?
You can ask for help at or by calling 512-231-7400.