TML Annual Conference and Exhibition RFP
Questions and Answers

Questions about any aspect of the conference RFP or the response process should be submitted to and answers will be posted on this page.  No individual answers will be provided; all answers will be posted online. 

Q.  In reviewing the RFP, I have a question regarding the date pattern of the meeting.  I realize the peak night pattern has always been Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, with the meeting Tuesday-Friday, but we wanted to ask if TML would consider a Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday peak pattern with the meeting Monday - Thursday?

A.  Unfortunately, he Tuesday through Friday conference pattern and setup are not flexible.  The conference begins on Tuesday and concludes Friday at noon, with the conference setup (exhibits, conference staff office) starting on Sunday.  

Q.  For 2022, I understand that the preferred conference date is October 11-14, 2022, with an alternate date of October 4-7, 2022, and it was stated in the RFP that no other dates will be considered for the 2022 Annual Conference.  While our city does not have either option available due to definite commitments, we do have the week of November 1-4, 2022 available for TML.  Have there been any changes that would allow us the opportunity to be considered for these dates?

A.  Due to city elections and other conflicting events, the only dates that TML can hold its 2022 TML Annual Conference are October 11-14 (preferred) and October 4-7 (alternate).  

For planning purposes, the League’s intent is for the second week in October to be the primary date, and the first week in October the secondary date for future years.