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  • Senate Bill 100 Information Clearinghouse
  • Texas Secretary of StateThe SOS Elections Division makes available a variety of helpful elections resources, including among other things:
    • Election advisories and memos;
    • Election calendars;
    • Election forms; and 
    • Detailed information about election procedures.
  • Texas Ethics Commission:The Texas Ethics Commission publishes a few guides on election issues, including:
    • The Campaign Finance Guide for Candidates and Officeholders Who File With Local Filing Authorities;
    • The Guide to Local Filing Authority's Duties Under the Campaign Finance Law; and
    • A Short Guide To the Prohibition Against Using Political Subdivision Resources for Political Advertising in Connection with an Election.
  • Texas Municipal Clerks Association: TMCA publishes and sells a comprehensive guide on how to administer city elections, titled the “Texas Municipal Election Law Manual.”