First Special Session Update: Governor Expands the “Call”

Immediately after the Eighty-Third Regular Legislative Session concluded, the governor called a special legislative session to deal with state and congressional redistricting.  Even though the session was initially limited to that subject, lawmakers have filed bills on topics ranging from abortion to property taxes and everything in between.  (All city-related bills are summarized in the Legislative Update, regardless of whether they are in the special session “call.”)

The governor has already chosen to add abortion and transportation funding to the special session call.  In fact, the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing on 1S.J.R. 2, which would amend the Texas Constitution to allow the state to use a portion of the oil and gas production tax for transportation purposes, rather than sending all those funds to the state’s Rainy Day Fund, on June 12.  The governor may add more topics in the coming days.  The League will monitor any such items closely, and provide updates if the call is expanded to include more city-related issues.  

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