Trio of Bad Bills Would End City Regulation Over State License Holders

Three bills moving through the legislative process would prohibit cities from regulating individuals who hold state licenses.  The bills are H.B. 2908 by Rep. Dutton, H.B. 2953 by Rep. Guillen, and S.B. 1466 by Sen. Estes.  

Why would legislators want to enact a blanket prohibition on city regulations over state license holders?  It appears that these bills are a back-door attempt to preempt cities from regulating payday lenders.  While that’s bad enough, what’s much worse is the bills are written in a way that goes far beyond payday lending, potentially cutting off regulation of any business activity and – in the case of some of the bills – non-business activity as well.  For instance, H.B. 2953 is so broadly worded that it would seem to include those who hold a driver license under the definition of state license holders, thus preventing nearly all city regulation—including routine criminal ordinances—against those individuals. 

The two House bills have already been reported from their committees and are pending in the House Calendars Committee.  City officials should contact their legislators now about these bills, especially those legislators on the Calendars Committee:

  • Todd Hunter (R – Corpus Christi)
  • Eddie Lucio (D – Harlingen)
  • Roberto Alonzo (D – Dallas)
  • Carol Alvarado (D – Houston)
  • Dan Branch (R – Dallas)
  • Angie Chen Button (R – Richardson)
  • Byron Cook (R – Corsicana)
  • Myra Crownover (R – Denton)
  • Sarah Davis (R – Houston)
  • Craig Eiland (D – Galveston)
  • John Frullo (R – Lubbock)
  • Charlie Geren (R – Fort Worth)
  • Helen Giddings (D – Dallas)
  • John Kuempel (R – Seguin)
  • Doug Miller (R – New Braunfels)

Contact information for the members listed above is available at:

The Senate bill is pending in the Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee:

  • Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (D – McAllen)
  • Robert Nichols (R – Jacksonville)
  • Sylvia Garcia (D – Houston)
  • Ken Paxton (R – McKinney)
  • Larry Taylor (R – Friendswood)

Contact information for the members listed above is available at:


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