City-Related Bills Filed



S.B. 1918 (Campbell) – Permit Vesting:  would provide that: (1) an application for a final plat, a site plan submitted to a regulatory agency, or a final plat that is recorded in the county clerk’s property records are added to the current actions that constitute progress toward completion of a project; (2) a regulatory agency may not enforce an ordinance, rule, or regulation that places an expiration date on a permit if any action is taken toward completion of a project, including those actions listed in current law and the additional actions added by (1), above; and (3) if an owner with an interest in a contiguous tract of land conveys five percent or more of the tract to the state or to a political subdivision for a public purpose, the remaining portion of the tract is deemed a project in progress for purposes of permit vesting and is not subject to an expiration date.

S.B. 1919 (Campbell) – Regulatory Takings: would provide that the application of any law, rule, policy, ordinance or regulation that has the effect of requiring that more than 50 percent of the surface area of an owner’s private real property remain in a natural or undeveloped state – exclusive of the 100-year floodplain as determined by agencies of the United States government – is a conservation easement, the establishment and enforcement of which will require: (1) the consent of the owner; or (2) the exercise of the power of eminent domain.


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