Federal law requires all municipally owned water utilities to deliver an annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to all their customers.  Pursuant to a TML Board-approved initiative that is part of the 2013-2014 TML Legislative Program, League staff has written to the governor to urge him to waive the CCR delivery requirements for small municipally owned water systems. 

Presently, all municipally owned utilities are required to either mail or deliver door-to-door a copy of the CCR to each customer.  However, the report delivery and recordkeeping provision of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act allows the governor of a state to waive the mailing requirement for community water systems serving fewer than 10,000 persons. 

If a governor does so, small systems are still required to: (1) publish the CCR in a local newspaper serving the area in which the system is located; (2) inform customers that the CCR will not be mailed; and (3) make the CCR available to the public upon request. 

This is an important issue for small municipally owned systems in Texas, because requiring them to mail or deliver the CCR to all customers imposes a significant unneeded cost.  Those funds could be better spent improving or maintaining the system itself.

The League, along with the National League of Cities and the North Carolina League of Cities, has also submitted letters to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in support of electronic delivery of CCRs for all water systems. 

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