According to the Texas Water Conservation Advisory Council (WCAC), Texas leaders have increasingly recognized that municipal water conservation is an important part of long-term water planning to meet future needs. In recent years, many areas of the state have demonstrated that municipal water conservation planning produces enormous benefits and is an integral part of water management.

Many communities around the state have taken significant strides to ensure wise water use and have found conservation programs to be a cost-effective method of meeting increased water demands while postponing expensive supply or capacity expansion. The water savings that water conservation measures can provide are real, practical, and offer significant untapped potential.

To recognize those cities that have made strides in the area of water conservation, the WCAC created the Blue Legacy Awards. The awards are a means to showcase municipal water suppliers as effective stewards of water resources. Recognition is given to water suppliers that have demonstrated outstanding and innovative commitment to the state’s mission of promoting responsible management of water resources, as well as conservation of Texas’ water resources.

The WCAC will be accepting applications for the awards until February 29, 2012.  For more information, go to www.savetexaswater.org.

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