(Note: the following information was received from NLC Executive Director Don Borut on February 3.)

Monday night, the full Senate began consideration of amendments to S.1, the Senate version of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Our sources are reporting that passage of the bill by the Senate is still possible this week. Assuming that happens, the House and Senate would conference next week with the goal of getting the bill to the President’s desk by mid-February, the target date.

While we will continue to monitor the legislation for local government impact, lobby for local government assistance, and report updates to you as events unfold, I also want you to know that we have already begun planning for the legislation’s enactment.

To help cities and towns be ready-to-go once the bill becomes law, NLC staff is developing several resources, including webinars, conference calls, and a Web site that will link our members to internal and external technical resources.

Additionally, as we prepare for the upcoming Congressional-City Conference, we are developing conference sessions that will feature panel discussions, general session speakers, hand-outs, and other information regarding economic recovery efforts for cities and towns and tips for accessing and using federal resources.

You will begin hearing more from us next week about the resources we are developing to help cities successfully implement recovery activities funded (and unfunded) by the recovery package.

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