The House Committee on Energy Resources completed and released its interim report, which addressed four interim charges.  Two of the charges contained issues of interest to cities, including the following recommendations to the legislature:

Local Regulation of Oil and Gas Drilling

  • Consider requiring the Railroad Commission of Texas or its successor to work with municipal leaders and industry experts to develop a model ordinance that would address regulatory gaps in unincorporated areas and that could be made available for local governments to adopt on a regional basis to allow for consistent, uniform standards in an area.
  • The Utilities Code should be amended to make it clear that both utility and non-utility pipelines may be placed in Texas Department of Transportation rights of way.

Local Regulation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas

A law may be passed to amend the Natural Resources Code to add a new section that states the rules and standards promulgated and adopted by the Railroad Commission of Texas preempt and supersede any ordinance, order, or rule adopted by a political subdivision relating to any aspect or phase of the liquefied petroleum gas industry. However, the legislature must decide if the need for a consistent regulatory scheme for the liquefied petroleum gas industry outweighs the preference for local flexibility. The decision is left to the will of the legislature.

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