Sequestration Still Looming: March 1 Deadline

On January 1, 2013, Congress and the President approved a deal avoiding the “fiscal cliff” known as sequestration.  Part of that legislation included the delay of billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts in federal defense and non-defense programs in order to reduce the federal deficit (i.e., sequestration).

Unless Congress takes action, the cuts required by sequestration will take effect on March 1, and the federal government will shut down when the temporary spending resolution expires on March 27.

City-related programs that may be affected include the Community Development Block Grant Program, HOME Investment Partnership, Byrne Justice Assistance Grants, and COPS grants, as well as other federally-funded programs for local governments in the areas of water infrastructure, job training, education, transit, and emergency management.

The National League of Cities continues to work in Washington, D.C., to protect cities’ interests.

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