In 1994, the Texas Municipal League published a comprehensive book (authored by Terrell Blodgett) on Texas home rule charters. That year, Texas had 291 home rule cities. Since then, the book has been an invaluable guide to city officials who considered the adoption of home rule status or worked through charter amendments.

The second edition of the book, released in February of 2010, builds upon Mr. Blodgett’s outstanding material, including many updated charts that include data from a 2007 survey performed by the League.

The recently-updated book comprehensively reviews and analyzes the origin, evolution, and current status of the now 351 home rule charters in the state. In addition to tracing the historical development of charters, the book offers a current overview of the application and impact of state and federal laws on writing and amending charters.

The easy-to-read format provides an excellent guide for elected officials, administrators, and interested citizens. For more information or to order, please click on “Publications” at www.tml.org or call 512-231-7400.

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