This April, communities across Texas will do their part to help keep children safe. Passed by the Texas Legislature in 2007, House Bill 1045 designates April as Child Safety Month, recognizing the need to educate the community about the problem of childhood injuries and to disseminate information on preventative measures. Your Texas legislators encourage you to join thousands across Texas and sponsor or take part in child safety events in April and throughout the year to increase awareness and educate parents and children about the importance of child safety.

For cities that are interested, the following is a sample resolution to recognize Child Safety Month:


WHEREAS, Children are this state’s most precious resource, and their protection and care are the concerns of all; and

WHEREAS, Traumatic brain injury is the dominant cause of death and permanent disability among children nationwide, and an increased public awareness of the means of preventing these tragedies is surely a worthwhile priority; and

WHEAREAS, The risk of accidental injury and death to children can be greatly reduced by the use of such commonsense measures as bicycle helmets, seat belts, safety and booster seats, and smoke alarms, and disseminating helpful information about such measures is an efficient and economical means of preserving the health and well being of our youth; moreover, more lives can be spared if the public becomes better informed about the dangers presented to children by unattended and unlocked vehicles; and

WHEREAS, Ensuring that the young people of our community grow up in a safe and supportive environment is a goal that is both attainable and desirable, and we join such public-spirited institutions as the Texas Office for Prevention of Developmental Disabilities in seeking to further this vital mission; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Council of [insert name of city], hereby designates April 2009 as Child Safety Month.

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