Last week’s edition of the TML Legislative Update included an article on the federal stimulus package. The Texas Municipal League staff has been working since then to obtain additional information, but details on most programs are still unavailable.

To keep the membership informed, the League has created a Web page to provide details on many of the city-related provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The page can be accessed at by clicking on “Federal Stimulus Information.”

When the League receives information of interest to city officials, the page will be updated immediately. For example, the Texas House of Representatives Select Committee on Federal Economic Stabilization Funding recently created a Web site that provides information on the effect of ARRA on Texas, and the link to that site is now posted on the TML page under “Other Online Resources.” If the information is particularly important or time-sensitive, the League will send a blast e-mail to the mayor and city manager of each member city as soon as possible after posting the information.

The TML page currently contains information on programs relating to:

  1. Community Development, Economic Development, and Housing;
  2. Transportation;
  3. Public Safety/Homeland Security;
  4. Environment, Energy, and Telecommunications; and
  5. Miscellaneous Other Items. (Note: This section includes a recent update on COBRA (health insurance) coverage that is mandated by ARRA.)

Because of the volume of information available, it may make sense for a city to designate a staff member to occasionally check the page for updates. In addition, city officials will want to gather detailed information from the state and federal agencies listed there. If a city is interested in a particular grant under ARRA, it should begin its research immediately.

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