H.B. 183 (Solomons), relating to the duty of a law enforcement agency to verify the immigration status of an arrested person.   Reported from the House Committee on State Affairs.  As reported, this bill would provide that not later than 48 hours after a person is arrested and before the person is released on bond, the law enforcement agency that has custody of the person shall: (1) request information regarding the person’s immigration status from a peace officer or other law enforcement officer of the state who is authorized under federal law to verify a person’s immigration status or from a federal law enforcement officer, in   accordance with federal law; and (2)  notify United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement that the person is in the custody of the law enforcement agency if information received following a request under (1), above, reveals that the person is not a citizen or national of the United States and  is unlawfully present in the United States according to the terms of the federal Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

H.B. 215 (Gallego), relating to photograph and live lineup identification procedures in criminal cases.  Reported from the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence.

H.B. 478 (Orr), relating to certain court costs associated with the offense of failing to secure a child passenger in a motor vehicle.  Reported from the House Committee on Transportation.

H.B. 563 (Pickett), relating to the purposes and designation of a transportation reinvestment zone.  Reported from the House Committee on Transportation.

S.B. 350 (Williams), relating to the restructuring of fund obligations and accounts of the Texas Municipal Retirement System and related actuarial and accounting procedures.  Reported from the Senate State Affairs Committee.

S.B. 355 (Ellis), relating to the elimination of smoking in certain workplaces and public places.  Reported from the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.  As reported, this bill would: (1) preempt and supersede a local ordinance, rule, or regulation adopted by any political subdivision relating to smoking; but (2) provide that, to the extent that a local ordinance, rule, or regulation adopted by a political subdivision prohibits or restricts smoking to a greater degree than the bill, the ordinance, rule, or regulation is not preempted or superseded.

S.B. 370 (Seliger), relating to the authority of the Texas Water Development Board to provide financial assistance for certain projects if the applicant has failed to complete a request for information relevant to the project.  Reported from the Senate Natural Resources Committee.

S.B. 396 (Deuell), relating to the state fire marshal’s investigation of the death of a firefighter who dies in the line of duty or in connection with an on-duty incident.  Reported from the Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee.

S.B. 545 (Seliger), relating to employment records for law enforcement officers, including procedures to correct employment termination reports.  Reported from the Senate Criminal Justice Committee.

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