City Officials Testify

When the legislature is in session, nothing compares to the effectiveness of city officials testifying at the Capitol. City officials who take their time to travel to Austin to speak out on important city issues should be applauded by us all.

Among the city officials who recently testified in front of legislative committees are the following:

  • Sgt. James Jones, Police Department, San Antonio
  • Paul Harpole, Mayor, Amarillo
  • Marcus Norris, City Attorney, Amarillo
  • Robert Taylor, Chief of Police, Amarillo
  • Art Acevedo, Police Chief, Austin
  • Asst. Chief Troy Gay, Police Department,  Austin
  • Carl Richie, Vice-Chair of Housing Authority, Austin
  • Kris Thompson, Police Department, Austin
  • Stephen DonCarlos, Mayor, Baytown
  • Tony Martinez, Mayor, Brownsville
  • Dr. Cate McManus, Animal Services, Dallas
  • Ken Nolan, Chief Appraiser, Dallas
  • Pat Walsh, Police Department, Dallas
  • Wayne Riddle, Mayor, Deer Park
  • Mark Burroughs, Mayor, Denton
  • Susie Byrd, City Representative, El Paso
  • Alan Shubert, City Engineer, El Paso
  • Danny Scarth, City Council, Fort Worth
  • Marie Robb, City Council, Galveston
  • Ronald E. Jones, Mayor, Garland
  • Michael Wolfe, Mayor, Hempstead
  • Stephen Costello, City Council, Houston
  • Michael Lee, Police Department, Houston
  • Larry Schenk, Sr. Assistant City Attorney, Houston
  • Captain David Gonzalez, Fire Department, Laredo  
  • Raul Salinas, Mayor, Laredo
  • Clayton Chandler, City Manager, Mansfield
  • Peter Phillis, Director of Business Services, Mansfield
  • Keith Stretcher, City Attorney, Midland
  • Michel Bechtel, City  Council, Morgan’s Point
  • Darrell Morrison, City Council, Pasadena
  • Steve Cote, City Council, Pasadena
  • Bill Eisen, City Manager, Pearland
  • Fred Reyes, City Manager, Pecos
  • Alan Hugley, Mayor, Red Oak
  • Diego Bernal, City Council, San Antonio
  • Kathy Davis, Director of Animal Control, San Antonio
  • Troy Elliott, Finance Director, San Antonio
  • James Jones, Police Department,  San Antonio
  • Anthony Trevino, Police Department, San Antonio
  • Sgt. Carl Bailey, Police Department, Seagoville
  • David Stall, City Administrator, Shoreacres
  • Dale Fisseler, Deputy City Manager, Waco
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