The Senate Committee on Transportation and Homeland Security held a hearing on S.B. 971 last week.  The bill would require the placement of at least 200 digital billboards in cities across Texas under the guise of providing “emergency information” to citizens.  (Last week’s Legislative Update reported on the bill as well at

However, the true purpose of the bill came to light in the hearing.  A representative of a newly created organization, the Texas Emergency Network (TEN), spoke in favor of the bill.  He was questioned about the purpose of the bill and why TEN was created.  He admitted that the sole purpose of creating the organization was to lobby for the passage of S.B. 971.  Why? So TEN could bid on the highly lucrative job of placing digital displays that, as stated by TEN, would likely display commercial advertising for all but four days a month.  To see legislators take the TEN representative to task, go to

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