H.B. 773 (Oliveira), continuing tax abatement authority until September 1, 2021. Reported from the House Ways and Means Committee.

H.B. 1038 (Paxton), requiring that the appraisal of a residence homestead reflect a reduced market value brought about by a declining economy. Reported from the House Ways and Means Committee.

S.B. 298 (Carona), authorizing sobriety checkpoints. Reported from the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee.

S.B. 461 (Gallegos), relating to eligibility to take a firefighter entrance exam in a civil service (Chapter 143) city. Reported from the Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee.

S.B. 769 (Williams), relating to the recovery by an electric utility of certain expenses relating to weather-related events or natural disasters. Reported from the Senate Business and Commerce Committee. (Companion bill is H.B. 1378 by Thompson.)

S.B. 820 (Duncan), relating to the adoption of building codes. Reported from the Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee. As reported, this bill applies only to cities over 100,000 in population. It would require a city to either: (1) have an advisory board to provide input on the city’s adoption of model codes, or (2) provide enhanced notice of and public comment on the adoption of model codes. The bill would also generally require a city to delay implementation and enforcement of a code provision for 30 days following its adoption. City officials in cities over 100,000 in population should become familiar with this bill.

S.B. 1003 (Deuell), requiring that any city that contracts with a federal-level government relations consultant shall report that fact to the Office of State-Federal Relations. Reported from the Senate Government Organization Committee.

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