Significant Floor Actions

S.B. 1 (Williams), General Appropriations Bill. Passed the House. This is the state budget bill. Of particular interest to cities, the House version includes $307 million in mixed beverage tax reimbursements ($61.3 million more than the current biennium), $4.1 million in local library aid ($5.6 million less), $23.6 million in library resource sharing ($9.1 million more), $1.9 million in local parks grants ($987,500 more), and $29.8 million in automobile theft prevention funding ($15,059 less).

S.B. 654 (West), relating to the enforcement of water conservation and animal care and control ordinances of a municipality by civil action or quasi-judicial enforcement. Passed the Senate.

S.B. 965 (Williams), relating to the correction of employment termination reports for law enforcement officers. Passed the Senate.

S.B. 987 (Hegar), relating to requiring the attorney general to obtain an injunction against a municipality or county that adopts prohibited regulations regarding firearms, ammunition, or firearm supplies. Passed the Senate.

S.B. 1169 (Hegar), relating to water conservation. Passed the Senate. (Note: This bill requires water utilities that receive state funding to spend a portion of that funding on water loss mitigation.)

S.B. 1297 (Watson), relating to written electronic communications between members of a governmental body. Passed the Senate.

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