When the legislature is in session, nothing compares to the effectiveness of city officials testifying at the Capitol. City officials who take their time to travel to Austin to speak out on important city issues should be applauded by us all.

Among the city officials who recently testified in front of legislative committees are the following:

  • Maher Maso, Mayor, Frisco
  • Steve Landin, Fire Chief, Laredo
  • Jessica Soloman, Police Department, Houston
  • Jonathan Newport, City Council, Houston
  • Jim Callaway, Sugarland
  • Rudy Garza, Corpus Christi
  • Dale Bernard, Police Department, Dallas
  • Paul LaSalle, Police Department, Houston
  • Jeff Nodal, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Austin
  • Michael Embesi, Arborist, Austin
  • Patrick Welch, Police Department, Austin
  • Rusty Legg, Councilmember, Galveston
  • Keith Stretcher, City Attorney, Midland
  • T.C. Broadnax, Assistant City Manager, San Antonio
  • Clint Smith, South Padre Island
  • Sheryl Cole, Councilmember, Austin
  • Darrin Hall, Houston
  • Landon Stallings, Fire Chief, Fort Worth
  • Ronald Walker, Police Department, Houston
  • Patrick Welsh, Police Department, Dallas
  • Donald Baker, Police Department, Austin
  • Jennifer Richie, Irving
  • Jim Wilson, Councilmember, Benbrook

While TML monitors most hearings, we won’t catch the testimony of every city official. If we missed your testimony or the testimony of another official in your city, please contact us at the following e-mail address and we will include your name in the next edition of the TML Legislative Update:

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