City-Related Bills Filed


S.B. 1896 (Garcia) – Municipal Judge:  would provide that information contained in property tax appraisal records that identifies the home address of a municipal judge is confidential. 


S.J.R. 65 (Seliger) – Transportation Funding:  would: (1) create the transportation infrastructure fund as a special fund in the state treasury; (2) provide that, in each fiscal year, the comptroller shall transfer three percent of the amount sent to the state’s economic stabilization fund (the state’s “Rainy Day Fund”) to the transportation infrastructure fund; and (3) provide that the transportation infrastructure fund may be used only for the purpose of assisting counties in this state in the construction, reconstruction, or maintenance of transportation infrastructure that is intended to alleviate degradation caused by the exploration, development, or production of oil or gas.


S.B. 1894 (Fraser) – Environmental Flow Standards:  would: (1) require the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to provide a rulemaking process for each river basin and bay system that has not adopted environmental flow standards; and (2) require TCEQ to evaluate the status of the work plans submitted by the basin and bay area stakeholder committees.

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