Chapter 283 of the Texas Local Government Code requires that certificated telecommunications providers (CTPs) pay cities quarterly based on the number of “access lines” located in the city. While there are many CTPs, AT&T is the largest in the state.

When a city annexes territory, the newly-included area may have access lines. In order for a city to be properly compensated for the inclusion of the access lines, the city should notify any CTPs that may be providing service in the current city limits that, if the CTP also has access lines in the newly-annexed area, it must begin additional compensation to the city accordingly.

The External Affairs/Municipal Relations Department of AT&T Texas has recently moved its office. AT&T has asked TML to give notice to those cities served by AT&T that any right-of-way and annexation ordinances should now be sent to:

Angela Thornton/Bob Garza
275 N. Greenville Ave, Ste. 200
Richardson, Texas 75081

AT&T asks that, to speed the processing of annexations that impact access line counts, cities provide the following information:

  • A signed copy of the annexation ordinance.
  • A list of street names and address ranges that are being annexed.
  • A detailed map that clearly depicts street configuration, street names, and the geographical perspective to the surrounding area. (If property is vacant with no streets, the city should include a written notation of that fact.)

A city that annexes property should also notify the PUC ( so that the information can be posted on the PUC’s website. City officials with questions about reporting to AT&T should contact Angela Thornton with AT&T at 972-234-7005 or

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