The Texas Commission on Fire Protection is raising fees for all firefighters. The commission is responsible for providing examinations and certifications to fire personnel and regulating fire training facilities.  Under state law, the fees for certification must be paid by a city if the certificate is required for the appointment of the fire personnel. 

In March, the commission held an emergency meeting to discuss the possibility of raising fees. The commission later adopted the increased fees. The new fees are as follows:

Fee Original Fee Increased Fee
Initial Certification $35 Up to $65
Renewal Fee $35 Up to $65
Thirty Day Late Renewal Fee $17.50 Up to $32.50
More than Thirty Day Late Fee $35 Up to $65
Application Fee $35 Up to $65

The League filed comments with the commission as the fees were being considered. The comments requested that the commission not use city resources to fund the commission, a state agency. The commission stated that “[f]ailure to adopt the fee increase rules may result in loss of funding to the agency and discontinuation of essential services to the citizens of the state of Texas.” Ironically, with the increased fees, cities may now have to cut back on essential public safety services for its citizens to meet all of their budgetary requirements.

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