H.B. 1060 – Warrants: allows arrest warrants or criminal complaints to be forwarded via secure fax or other secure electronic means.

H.B. 2386 – Juvenile Records: authorizes a juvenile court to require the sealing of records concerning juveniles who have successfully completed a drug court program.

S.B. 408 – Appeals Relating to Animals: this bill will: (1) allow an appeal from the divestment of an animal by a municipal court for cruel treatment to the county court; (2) require that a city provide a transcript of the court’s proceeding regarding the divestment of ownership to the county court within five days of receiving notice of an appeal; and (3) require the county court to dispose of the appeal within ten days of receiving the transcript from the city.

S.B. 410 – Statute of Limitations: requires a complaint in municipal court to be presented within two years of the date of the offense.

S.B. 413 – Failure to Appear: requires a complaint to be filed in municipal court if a defendant fails to appear based on written notice, such as a citation, that has been filed with the court.

S.B. 414 – Magistration: provides that, for purposes of commitment in municipal court, a defendant may be brought before the court in person or by means of an electronic broadcast system through which an image of the defendant is presented to the court, including secure Internet videoconferencing.

S.B. 415 – Arraignment: requires a defendant who has been accused of a fine-only offense to be arraigned in a municipal court or justice court, instead of a county or statutory county court.

S.B. 1056 – Juvenile Records: requires a court that has convicted a child of a fine-only offense to issue an order prohibiting criminal justice agencies from disclosing to the public criminal history record information related to the offense, and creates certain exceptions.

S.B. 1236 – Misdemeanor Admonishments: requires any citation for a Class C misdemeanor to include an admonishment regarding the consequences relating to gun ownership upon a conviction for a family violence offense.

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